18 Aug
GZA lifts the curtain on the greatest hip hop crew of all time

Damn, this looks like must-see TV for any die hard Wu-Tang Clan fan. Compiled and directed by Wu Tang luminary GZA, this 10 years in the making documentary seems to be the video that no one could make except for someone so integral to the crew. Who else would Wu let hold a camera to […]

Some clever producer named  Tom Caruana just put together this Wu Tang Vs. The Beatles Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers mixtape and man it’s made my day. No, it’s not as good as Danger Mouse’s Grey Album, but it really hits a delicious intersection in my brain where the Wu meets the Beatles — a […]

13 May
More Marblecake for your Ghetto Tabernacle

Shallah Raekwon the Chef is back, this time modernizing his game with a free mixtape to whet the people’s appetite for the much anticipated Cuban Linx II LP (can you even call it “much anticipated” when kids have been waiting for like 12 years?). No reason to intro the Chef — you’re either a Wu […]