LA gallery Honor Fraser will host A Long Way Home, a new collection of work by world renowned street artist and fashion designer Kaws. The show opens TOMORROW, February 21, 2009 much to the delight of LA’s Kaws fans. (It’s his fist solo show in LA ever!) The exhibition will include paintings and sculpture. Be […]

Whoever was watching the NBA Allstar game yesterday probly caught this early trailer of Wolverine. Not too sure what to think of this flick, but I’m hopeful. Not quite as telling as the first trailer, but as long as this movie is more X2: The Genius of Singer rather than X-Men 3: Rattner’s Great Shitstorm […]

Ho-leeeee shiite!!! This is seriously spine-tingling!! I know they’re metal, so it’d still be hard to get through security at the airport, but still… Sure, people in LA carry more guns than breath mints, but it’s not like you can walk around the Galleria mall waving around a Desert Eagle. This thing, you could bring […]

One of my favorite bands from Atlanta, The Black Lips, apparently ran into a whole bunch of trouble in India. They went there to support their upcoming fifth studio album, 200 Million Thousand (out February 24). On January 29th they began the “Campus Rock Idol” Tour — a big-ticket, American Idol-like televised series with large […]

Get ready for some grimey, limb-twitching music—Kuduro style. I have a feeling that the ghetto-funk DJ/producer team Buraka Som Sistema (Lil’ John, Riot, Conductor, and MC Kalaf) is about to go on blast when their debut long-player, Black Diamond (the title is a reference to the inherent corruption in the oil and diamond businesses, btw), […] Diesel clothing’s sportier little brother, 55DSL, commissioned NYC based directing and animation studio Tronic to produce a short film to open its fall fashion show in Italy, and flagship store exhibition. Here’s a statement from Vivian Rosenthal, one of the founders of Tronic, about the project: “Diesel is a very forward thinking, creative brand […]

I have grown to greatly prefer Bentleys (especially the Continental GT) to anything its limey cousin Rolls Royce seems to put out (I think the Phantom is heinous). Now, Bentley is promising to debut their crown jewel, the Extreme (teased above), at the 79th Annual Geneva Motor Show from March 5-15. According to Bentley’s PR: […]

Jeepers, every time I wanna  hate the Biggest Midget In the Game she manages to put something out that gets me liking her again. Curse her pouty little face. Anyway, here’s her new mix with Jack Beats of old and new upcoming stuff,  Jig-Raw!, that’ll surely get you through that Monthly Delivery Maintenance Excel report […]