27 Jan

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the first Macintosh (marked last Saturday on Jan 24),  Webdesignerdepot posted a brief history of the design of the legendary computer. Well, of Apple computers in general I guess — but who really remembers Apple before the Mac? (Ok, I do.) Even 25 years later that first Mac […]

Oh Snap! & Jen Lasher have teamed up for  a new mix, stream it below or download it HERE if you deem it worthy. I’m a sucker for breaks, so I’m feeling it —  a healthy mix of Florida booty, re-breaked classics and even some terror synths. (Although, what’s up with homie getting punched above? […]

Undefeated is finally ready to release this highly anticipated sneaker collab tomorrow, Jan 24th. A little bird at Undefeated told me the Weapons were pushed back by “unforseen manufacturing issues”— hmmmmm. Originally set for release in November of ’08, you’ve gotta assume its got something to do with the satin fabric, and those velcro-removable Converse […]

23 Jan

601 are Nat Slater & George Miller, producers and label owners (Polar Red) from North Yorkshire. Their feel is all over the board — a bunch of breakbeat, a fair amount of grime and house, and just a splash of that good ol’ Detroit techno feel. They’ve sent us this mix to hype their new […]

d I woke up today bored and almost annoyed with my current electronic music library. That seems like so long ago now. After my coffee and shower, I went through the appropriate channels of information to acquire 3 new albums — one of which was Animal Collective’s newest LP. I’ll try not to be heavy […]

I’m worried about the deification of Barack Obama. On this monumental day, as we sit on the cusp of this historic event, I find myself anxious about the expectations loaded on this one man. On the one hand, words cannot express how grateful/relieved/excited I am that Obama won the election, and that the hellbound train […]

Everyone’s favorite feisty female Chicago rapper Kid Sister has again delayed her album Dream Date, this time indefinitely. Originally it was supposed to drop last July (on Downtown Recs), then September, then again this February, and now she’s made the decision to hold off completely until the album’s a fully cooked masterpiece. To be honest, […]

. Usually, I’m all over anything DJ Shadow touches like a drunken sorority chick, but this one I just can’t get behind. Teaming up with Reebok and Shoe Biz, the limited edition sneaker features the “What Does Your Soul Look Like” logo on the back — but that’s about as fancy as it gets. I […]