28 Oct
Christophe Machet's "Camioncyclette" design thesis

Somehow people find a way to continue re-inventing this most simple of two-wheeled commuters, the push peddle Bicycle. The design shown above, the Camioncyclette, was created by Christophe Machet as his graduate design thesis from The Ecal University of Art and Design in Switzerland. What can this bike do that no other bike can, you […]

The Lunartic hubless bicycle is surely a head-turner, but unlike most hubless bikes its looks and hubless-ness are for functionality, not pure design masturbation. Designed by Loughborough University student Luke Douglas for his final year project, the aim of the Lunartic is to use a hubless wheel to create a more compact urban bicycle, with […]

Ever since 2004 London-based artist Riitta Ikonen has been entertaining herself by sending bizarre postal packages to her friend Margaret Huber. It all started with a holiday project titled Location Vocation Vacation which called for one post card a week to be sent as a document of experiences to Huber, who was then Ikonen’s Illustration […]

21 Jun
A great manifestation of procrastination

I can’t even imagine how much work this took to make. I love how it’s obviously in a dormitory, which only goes to show you the lengths that people will go to avoid studying. Thing is, if you have the creativity and patience to make videos like this, then just quit school right now and […]

10 Feb
Assemble it yourself, learn a thing or two

You don’t have to be a tween to be able to assemble one of these, but it might help. Sponsored in part by Google, the BigShot project was put together by Columbia University grad students as a method of teaching science and engineering concepts to children. It’s just like academia to try and teach someone […]

18 Jan
When Blood Cells attack

…or to be more specific, it is a neutrophil chasing Staphylococcus aureus by David Rogers (Vanderbilt University). I had no idea those battles were so animalistic — I didn’t know they ran away from each other for dear life, I just thought one absorbed the other and that was pretty much it. Who knew…