12 Jun
Streetfighter style EV motorcycle with 80kw of green power

There are a lot of beautiful concept electric motorcycles popping up from studios around the world, such as the OSSA Monocasco Concept, the Honda RC-E, The Orphiro, zecOO and BPG Motors Uno III motorcycle/Segway hybrid. Adding to that list is the BOLT concept motorbike by Springtime Industrial Design. The all-electric concept incorporates aspects of the naked/streetfighter style of […]

13 May
BPG Motors' Uno III scooter/segway/motorcycle is more than meets the eye

We actually covered this Uno unicycle waaaay back in the early days of LIAS, when spring was in the air and our hearts were filled with childish glee (Motorized Unicycle Helps Nerds Look Cool…Somewhat…). Now that we’ve become jaded adults with souls cold and coal-crusted with resentment, the Ontario-born inventor Ben Gulak has managed to […]

12 Jul
Ride a foldable bike in comfort, yet resist looking like a clown

There are a lot of foldable bikes entering the marketplace, which is certainly a great thing (such as the Strida SX and Mu Uno, for instance). The only problem with many is that they’re either very utilitarian and hideous, or they look cool but have such tiny components that riding them makes you feel like […]

24 May
Mu Uno: the portable bicycle

With a folding speed of ten seconds, the new Mu Uno bike is perfect for a quick escape. Picture it: cops roll up to a party, everyone is scrambling for cover, but you are way ahead. You can pedal past all of those future inmates who forgot how outdated running was. In a manageable ten […]

This kid created the first motorized unicycle called the Uno…although its not really uni, cos its got 2 wheels side-by-side. Whatever, it’s still cool as hell. Using similar gyroscopic technology to that lazy-ass Segway “walker”, this electric vehicle has a top speed of 25mph (which apparently can be increased greatly with bigger motors), has a […]