16 Jun
Twenty stainless steel, flame-retardant tools for the on-the-go chef

Just in time for summer, the BBQ Briefcase from UncommonGoods is a great go-to tool kit for the ultimate master of the outdoor grill. The iron briefcase-like box includes 20 stainless steel tools to handle any BBQ job and includes a number of flame-retardant essentials like Shish-Kabob skewers, corn holders and cleaning brushes that are […]

24 Nov
Get rid of that little rock on the table

You know that little rock on the table when you go out to eat sushi for you to rest your chopsticks on? Mikiya Kobayashi got rid of that pebble by tapering the tips of chopsticks so they can rest on the table without the tips touching. Chopsticks have just been improved upon…who would have thought. […]