4 Feb
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich's modernist classic

Although legendary Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was originally given sole credit for designing the Barcelona Chair — one of the most famous and timeless icons of modernist furniture — only recently has co-credit been given to his longtime partner, the architect/designer Lilly Reich. Designed specifically for the German Pavilion in the 1929 […]

18 Jan
Reclaimed sporks, plastic red cups and Le Corbusier chairs

Last week we brought you the ingenious Hangover Lamp and freezable beer tray, courtesy of one Luis Luna. Well his talents lay much deeper than simply reclaiming plastic red cups and making them pretty. Sure, we also love the Gluttony Lamp above — which does similar work as the Hangover Lamp only with plastic cutlery […]

24 Aug
Petrol Pumps from Van der Rohe to Lloyd Wright

Oobject collected 15 modernist gas stations, including the Jack Colker Union 96 station on Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills below and the Norman Foster Repsol gas station above. A longtime testing ground for architects, petrol stations have challenged some of the best to have ever walked the Earth, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van der […]