22 Oct

Hine [hee-neh] is a Japanese illustrator/puppet stop-motion video artist/crafter living in Vancouver, Canada. I just came across her Etsy page and I’m digging her hand-stitched work on these DIY looking felt cases. She uses high quality Japanese black 2mm thick felt to make the goods along with new and vintage buttons. Also discovered this video […]

25 Sep
UK's bass ambassador hits LA tonight at Discotheque

IF you lived anywhere in the UK, telling you who Annie Mac is would be as redundant as telling you who…well…I guess there is no one in America comparable, because we simply don’t have the same affinity for DJs and radio as they do in the land of trainers and crumpets. There, BBC Radio 1 […]

2 Oct
You Say Party! We Say Die!

The POP Montreal Festival (and strangely, the City of Montréal) made the curious mistake of inviting Madman to Montreal for this week’s POP Festival. How great is that? So armed with my trusty plastic flask o’ rum, I hit up as many shows as possible to find the Gem of the Night. And without a […]