An absolutely amazing concept so brilliant, it’s hard to believe it actually exists. Filipino artist Louie Cordero usually manifests his art thru painting, but in his latest exhibit “My We” he’s created 4 fiberglass figures which have been impaled with weapons of every sort. The bodies are thrown against the walls, and crawling on the […]

4 Feb
Ozkar Gorgias celebrates anniversary with sneaker exhibit

French street artist and photographer Ozkar Gorgias celebrated his 12 years of graffiti artistry by photographing all the sneakers he wore while creating his art. Each sneaker represents one of those dozen years spent jumping fences, scaling walls and climbing bridges, and the work can be found above (a larger shot in the gallery below). […]

29 Oct
BBC Comedy's Misery Bear in "Dawn of the Ted"

Sure we’ve wondered if androids dream of electric sheep, but have you ever stopped to ponder whether stuffed animals dream of getting attacked by hordes of zombified Teddy Bears? Makes you think, doesn’t it. After watching the latest installment of BBC Comedy’s web series starring Misery Bear, I guess the answer is yes. A very […]