20 Jan
Beth Katleman's "Folly" installation

Ceramic artist Beth Katlemans’s latest installation Folly is set against a turquoise backdrop with 50 porcelain castings that put a Dennis the Menace twist on 18th century vignettes. Inspired by old English wall coverings, these delicate, adorable little scenes take on a new sinister view up close, as these white castings of popular toys are much […]

12 Nov
From architecture to walls

World renown architect Zaha Hadid has taken her designs into another world, the world of wallpaper. Marburg has given us a reason to bring out the paste and plaster our walls with their collaboration with Hadid — converting the walls in our homes into pieces of modern art. The signature waves and odd shapes she’s […]

24 Jun
Westwood and Cole & Son venture into the wallpaper field

There are some collaborations you wouldn’t see coming, but deserve all the more praise because of it. Two British designers have teamed up to bring a little luxury to your home: iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and wallpaper design house Cole & Son. The wallpaper that was produced from this collaboration is nothing short of […]

22 Jun
Removable wallpaper by 2Modern

For anyone who’s hesitated in redesigning a pre-packaged suburban home, or those of you who’ve always had the desire to make your apartment feel like home but don’t have the strength to change it all back for that security deposit…well, Tempaper has dropped down from the heavens and into your dwelling. The name pretty much […]

14 Apr
"Newsworthy" wallpaper made of 100% up-cycled newspaper

For me the ideal modern product not only looks visually engaging, and ads some aesthetic enjoyment to your life, but also does so while being sustainable…or at least doesn’t club pandas in the Arctic while doing so. Which is why I dig product designer Lori Weitzner‘s wallpaper made of 100% up-cycled newspaper print. Her Newsworthy […]

Too much of a good thing can be a bad. Who wouldn’t like a nice pair of jeans and a denim jacket? It goes down hill fast when you try and rock those two together. Same goes with this wallpaper; I don’t know about rocking it all over an entire room, but I can see […]