27 Dec
From the 101 hp FIAT 500 to the 1,104 hp Zenvo ST1, from one-off customs to supercar treasures, the year's best stories on wheels

We bring you the fifth & final edition of our Best Of 2011 retrospective series (after ART, BOOKS, STYLE & MUSIC) — the LIAS Year In Motion. Clearly one of our favorite topics here at Lost In a Supermarket, this Top 10 list covers all our world of transportation and things that go vroooom! Again, […]

30 Mar
Weismann Spyder Concept: more fun than a catapult

If you’re in the market for a rocket powered car in a Go-Kart shell, sure you could get a Lotus (easy there, Lotus fans — just playing!). But if you’re looking for something a bit off the beaten path, then you may want to investigate German coachbuild manufacturer Weismann who are aiming to ramp into […]