6 Dec
New York's photography maestros ascend the shores of Miami

Stop me if you’ve heard this one… a super hip art gallery from NYC walks into a chic hotel in to south beach during Art Basel and says… OK so that’s not a joke at all, and yeah we’ve mentioned Morrison Hotel Gallery a few times in the past (e.g. exhibits with Lynn Goldsmith, Jim […]

6 Dec
Protect your Apple gem with White Stripes & Raconteurs records

Celebrating the renewed interest in vinyl, Third Man Records has introduced a new iPhone 4 case that is made from pressed 7” vinyl records. Synthesizing new and old musical technology, the 45 rpm records are die-cut to create the backs of each iPhone case and a molded bumper frame snaps it in place (available in […]

15 Sep
Hasn't he done enough to make the average man look half-assed?

Damn that Jack White! Can’t he just leave shit be? Does he have to be cutting edge in every damn thing he does, making the rest of us look ineffectual and doodling? Turns out today he announced that The Dead Weather’s new single, “Blue Blood Blues” will be issued in the previously unheard of Triple […]

17 Aug
Original Stranglers Front Man Releases New Album As A Free Download—And Gets Ready For September Tour

Here’s one of my all time favorite tunes. “Golden Brown” [podcast]http://www.lostinasupermarket.com/robsimas/Golden_Brown.mp3[/podcast] The Stranglers are easily one of my desert-island bands. Hugh Cornwell, the original vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter for punk and new-wave legends The Stranglers, is the man. Much respect. His new album, Hooverdam, is available for free download to anyone and everyone… right […]