21 Jan
The Boardwalk Empire concubine poses for MUSE

Everyone’s favorite Jersey trollop (obviously excluding Snooki and JWoww fans out there), Paz de la Huerta poses for the latest issue of MUSE magazine. People seem pretty divided over Paz’s turn as the goldigger/prostitute/concubine Lucy Danzinger in Boardwalk Empire, but I kinda dig homegirl’s tenacity. Not the brightest bulb of course, but something tells me […]

22 Dec
Vogue Paris goes Wild, Wild West in January

You know that when Tom Ford and Terry Richardson collaborate on a photo shoot that some magic is going to happen. Such is the case with this Western-themed shoot highlighting Ford’s clothing and shot by Richardson for January’s issue of Vogue Paris. Starring supermodels Crystal Renn, Eniko Mihalik and Abbey Lee Kershaw (and styled by […]

18 Oct
Russian police officer jumps in stranger's car to save his own life

Is this the kind of shit you have to deal with if you live in Russia? Seriously? Wild packs of feral wolves storming the highway? Didn’t they get enough karmic shit from Chernobyl and Putin, do we really need to add rabid packs of wolves to their daily struggles? I’m not entirely sure if this […]

12 Jul
Wild Nothing's Jack Tatum turns nothing into something wild

Wild Nothing is the musical vehicle of Blacksburg, Virginia’s Jack Tatum, and it’s justifiably finding its way to music lovers through their debut album Gemini, which was released May 25th on Captured Tracks. The band’s sound has been described as “dreamy, carefree synth-pop songs that linger with an inexplicable sense of regret”, jumpstarted with a […]

In honor of Sex and the City 2, Christian Louboutin unveils his Men’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Well not really, but we’ll just run with that. Now I know that Louboutin can make a sexy shoe, but as far as men’s shoes go these may be a little too…sexy? The line features everything but the kitchen […]

15 Mar
More light cycles and Jeff Bridges to keep the nerds at bay

I guess it’s a bit of an 80s film redux here at LIAS today. The just released trailer for Tron Legacy has promising elements, not the least of which is the great Jeff Bridges (Olivia Wild’s not to shabby, either). And of course the light cycles look amazing, but you never know until you see […]