8 Oct
Pope Design's Mobile Wind Turbine on the move

Having a stationary wind turbine standing on land or in water to generate clean energy is a matter of the past. It’s now time to witness a new source of energy from mobile wind turbines. Pope Design’s Mobile Wind Turbine is a unique turbine that can be transported and easily set up by one person. […]

31 Aug
Akira Nakayasu's "Plant" project

I dig this robotic plant project by Japanese artist and visual designer Akira Nakayasu. Based roughly on an earlier work titled Himawari, which was a sunflower-shaped robot, this piece (simply titled Plant) is an interactive installation inspired by the sight of grass blowing in the wind. Plant is made up of 169 artificial robotic leaves […]

27 Oct
Red berets, Axl Rose, Left-Eye Lopez and a very old Billy Corgan

Fan Death released their video for “Reunited” today, directed by vocalist Dandilion Wind Opaine. The name sounds positively magical, like a Hobbit minstrel. Don’t know what I like about the track (a whole lot, actually), but the video’s got a girl in a red beret and knee-high socks, so, well, you know. Look out for […]