20 Sep
OriginTimes goatskin-lined testament to opulence

Who’s got time to wind 16 timepieces individually? That’s a whole lot of wrist-turning. If you have 16 watches — and $100,000 (€75,000) lying around — then you’ll wanna pick up OriginTimes ridiculous Bugatti engine-block derived watch winder. Utilizing the Bugatti Veyron’s 16 cylinder engine, each goatskin-lined piston chamber fits and winds its own watch. […]

3 Mar
Because the obscenely rich shouldn't have to wind their own watches

I want the problems of the rich. I know Diddy warned that more financial means begets more mental anxiety, but I’m willing to suffer such vexations. Such as having too many luxury watches to wind — I want that bane on my existence. If I had such troubles, I would certainly look into Orbita‘s Watch […]