The great Slayer shall not be forgotten, as they deserve to have their hexagon logo raised on the dais of Great American Bands immortally. Sure you could go out and get one of their Slayer x The Great Frog Rings, but how could that possibly compare with purchasing a bottle of their Reign in Blood […]

27 Apr
Scottish Highlands rarest whisky offering ever at $3,600 a bottle

Esteemed Scottish Highlands distillery Glenmorangie will soon release its rarest expression yet —  the Pride 1981. The most expensive single malt ever created by Glenmorangie, only 1,000 bottles will be tapped at a price of $3,600 a bottle (€2750.). Glenmorangie Master Distiller Dr. Bill Lumsden matured the whisky in the finest oak casks for 18 […]

25 Feb
Elevate 2-Buck Chuck into a fine Saint Emilion

Philip Stein has created a product to cut down on your wine’s aeration time and it’s only $325. By using encapsulated glass jewels that replicate air and oxygen frequencies, the Philip Stein Wine Wand takes only 5 minutes to get a freshly opened bottle to reach its maximum flavor potential. Now it seems a waste […]