18 Dec
Clot wishes you a minimalist "Polar Christmas"

It seems that the 1000% “Polar” Be@rbrick is indeed an endangered species, because it has already sold out. Having debuted recently at the Shanghai 2014 Yo’Hood tradeshow, Clot designer Edison Chen united with the Medicom toymakers and came up with the deliberately minimalist appearace as a Christmas collectible. The Clot x Medicom 1000% Polarbear Be@rbrick is part of a […]

4 May
New music from Minneapolis' multi-instrumentalist

Minnesota’s Dosh has been consistently producing some of the best head music for about a decade now — beats heavily layered in staccato rhythms, droning samples and a hypnotic use of melodies on par with very few contemporary producers. Tommy, his fifth album for Anticon, hit shelves on April 13th and this is the first […]