These finely detailed wooden sculptures bring home a taste of The Enchanted Forest to hang above your own hearth. It’s  a delicately hand-carved and easily mountable trophy head for your home, and the best part is that there’s no hunting or killing of majestic natural beasts required — no worries for forest life, cause it’s […]

9 Dec
When wood and bicycles make love

Are you looking for a bicycle that pushes the envelope in design? Then you may want to take a gander at the Renovo R4 Pursuit Hardwood Bicycle— a bike whose frame is constructed entirely of wood. The R4 is custom made for each of its owners, who can sort of decide the specific wood of […]

5 Oct
Twine's Wooden Robot Man sets it straight

Wood and robots go together like eating nuts and chewing gum, so it deserves mention when someone actually manages to make them work together. Inspired by traditional Japanese joinery, Twine’s Wooden Robot Man is a little cube that pops open into a robot that can hold countless poses. Elastic muscles enable him to be twisted […]

31 Aug
Picnic Backpack with blanket, cutting board, wine holder, corkscrew, flatware, salt & pepper shakers, cooler...

Back in May we brought you that with Moore & Giles Picnic Bag, and although that Waxwear Tote was nice and all, it really doesn’t compare to this fully equipped lightweight picnic backpack for four. Not only is it highly organized and fully compartmentalized, but it also includes a kitchenette worthy bevy of accouterments: corkscrew, […]

When you take that special someone out to the rolling green meadows to have a pleasant picnic, why make your little dumpling sit on grass and stain her summer dress? What kind of animal are you? Why not bring this briefcase, which folds out into a fullsize wooden picnic table. Made of a strong aluminum […]

Austin-based artist Shawn Springs makes wooden sculptures crafted to look as if they were pixelated 8bit creatures manifested into our meat and bones world. Although his pieces normally range from leaping mahi mahi to flaming hats, it’s his latest project, Vicious Venue, that’s taken his craft to the next level. As Springs explains: “My recent […]

21 Jan
Furniture that stimulates in more ways than one

There’s been a lot of furniture that I’ve seen that has stimulated me in some way, either challenged me intellectually with its advanced language or struck me with its simplicity and clean minimalism. There has, however, never been furniture that has actually turned me on…and I never thought there would be. Yet, here we are. […]