18 Aug
Maybe, if the Aston Martin Super Sport is even real (unlikely)

It’s hard to believe that the above car is for real, but apparently it is for real (although I’ll beleive it when I see it). According to GTSpirit, this is not an official Aston Martin, but rather a coachbuild project by Star Electric Cars France — a company best known for building golf carts shaped […]

26 Mar
The Icon Sheene looks to snuff the competition with its $160,000 limited edition bike

Named after the late World Champion Grand Prix motorcycle racer Barry Sheene, the Icon Sheene aims to be the world’s most expensive and most powerful production motorcycle. And if it generates its expected 250+ horsepower, and they charge the announced $160,000 (£107,000), it certainly will be. Icon Motorcycle founder Andrew Morris plans on producing only 52 […]