14 Nov
Ceramic lined brew kettle bottle with original 1993 Triple Bock

Sam Adams singular Utopias beer is celebrating its already vaunted stature with a 10th Anniversary edition, and it has been dubbed the most expensive commercial beer in the world. Sure its $190 pricetag per 24-oz bottle seems steep, but its meticulous creation (and celestial alcohol content) makes it all worthwhile. With 29% alcohol, Utopias has […]

17 Jan
Pour out a little juice for the homies where the moon don't shine

Been meaning to start a juice cleanse? Yeah, me neither. But perhaps this do-it-yourself juice-kit will change your mind. For the same $10 that’ll buy you one piddly foofoo martini, you can pour a packet of magic into your favorite 64oz bottle of juice. In just two days time, your same old Sunny D will […]