What if the NFL existed in the Star Wars universe? Or rather, what if Jedi Knights traveled inter-dimensionally to our universe, and decided to make a little extra side cheddar playing professional ball? Chances are they’d pretty much kick everyone’s ass — I’d like to see what the Dagobah Yodas would do to Ndamukong Suh’s punk […]

Up and coming designer Tatsugo Yoda from Aloha Rag has made waves in fashion with his modern collection and meticulous attention to detail. To take his design even further, he recently partnered with Converse to create the ARNY JP Zip sneaker. Many of his pieces are inspired by cities he’s traveled to in his career, […]

These remind me of those old school glasses they’d give away in the 80s from Burger King and McDonalds, you remember those? Every summer BK and McD’s would battle over whichever movie license was cooler that year, and then put out some amazing drinking glasses for kids to endlessly barter over (the Empire Strikes Back […]

21 Aug
Never eat nerd-free gyozas again

Do you eat Ramen? Do you love Star Wars? Of course you do, you went to college and you have testicles. Well lucky for you Kotobukiya created these light saber chopsticks. What would life be without choices, so you can pluck spicy tuna rolls with Yoda, Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader chopsticks (no brainer). Fittingly, […]