6 May
Scion AV's "Pacific" exhibit opens tomorrow, May 7th

The latest in Scion’s AV series opens tomorrow, May 7 (7-10pm), and will run till May 28. Titled Pacific, the show’s concept is one of the more unique that Scion has put on: “Cutting through the layers of reality and challenging the notion of what most of us consider as “everyday”, Pacific brings together ten […]

28 Apr
Future forward eyewear for Spring/Summer 2011

MYKITA has certainly never shied away from teaming up with an avant garde designer to offer a far-future look at eyewear. Their designs with Rad Hourani — as well as their headscratching Yuri sunglasses — are exercises in the eccentric. This latest collaboration effort with designer Bernhard Willhelm may not be as pioneering, but they’ll […]

The Yuri sunglasses collection, designed by the Berlin-based Mykita for Romain Kremer, is an exercise in the eccentric. There isn’t much information out about this batch of German ingenuity, but I could wager a guess that this piece of head gear will be all the rage in the competitive sports arena. That’s right, the Yuri […]

15 Feb
YSC DUster gets the white tux treatment

Although my friends over at Falcon would probably stick my arm in their Bendomatic 3000 for saying this, I gotta admit I like this YSC DUster motorcycle above. Elegant? No. Understated? Hell no. But I like it — the white is so clean and sharp it’s like wearing brand new sneakers all day, everyday. Created […]