8 Jul
The ABT Sportsline Beetle, err Speedle, delivers for VW

The world’s largest tuner of Volkswagen vehicles, ABT Sportsline, has just unveiled their tuned up remix of the brand spanking new Beetle. The ABT Sportsline Beetle, or Speedle, will come in a variety of levels based on the various standard Beetles: the 1.2 TSI (with standard 105 HP) will be increased to around 140 HP, […]

8 Sep
Making that which is evil ever more evil...

You know how much we love our Audi R8s, that’s hardly a secret. So it’s no shock that we’d covet this ABT Sportsline Aud R8 V10 like a lecherous pedophile. First off, as if the new V10 didn’t juice up the R8 enough already (increasing hps from 420 to 525), but now ABT has tweaked […]