5 Mar
Flashlight, GPS, walkie talkie, Bluetooth & USB all-in-one tool


On your next action/adventure foray into the jungles of Guatemala, forget bringing a flashlight, GPS and walkie talkie. Just bring a FOGO. This proposed all-in-one adventure gadget also comes Bluetooth ready, houses a USB backup battery, and — for those of you ready to rough it like the rabid survivalists that you really are — the FOGO can also send texts and host a bunch of apps on its OS system. Now that’s wild. Ready to get really rugged? Show some love on their Kickstarter — or at least watch the video target-marketed at cubicle workers who grow out their man buns and buy  gadgets in preparation for a weekend hike.

Watch the FOGO’s Kickstarter video below, and donate to the cause if you think it’s worthy…

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