Read more Bureaucracy for Breakfast HERE In real life, I’ve managed to avoid crossing paths with the intensely racist right wing crowd. Well, I guess there’s no difference between “intense racism” and racism, but stay with me here. I’m no stranger to anti-Semitism or Confederate flags, but besides a few unpleasant moments the people who […]

2 Aug
App lets viewers change up their interaction with public spaces

Last month we mentioned a novel idea for an “Augmented Reality” app that allows one to walk throughout a city and watch popular scenes from movies that were filmed in the exact location they’re in. If you were in Venice, California you might see a scene from I Love You, Man or The Doors, while […]

17 Apr
Bringing the Boring & Mundane Details of Everyone's Life Straight to You

I’m a bit torn on Twitter. In some ways it’s a ridiculously self-aggrandizing timesucker, polluting the ethersphere with the pointless ramblings of very uninteresting people leading very uninteresting lives. On the other hand, it’s how I found out Diplo is working on some Asher Roth dubstep remixes. So I guess the more accurate fact of […]