5 Apr


The basic idea behind the live music network Awdio is to stream high quality music (nothing is recorded) directly from the best clubs, venues, hotels, shops, studios and festivals from around world. For a startup still in Beta, their list is impressive—all the places a music-minded individual would have on his globe trotting “go-to” list: the Rex Club, Favela Chic, Hotel Costes, Bed Supperclub, Q Bar, Zouk, APT, Nublu, Stereo, Sonotheque—they even have boutique shop Colette. There are about 60 spots thus far and it’s still growing. They also encourage people to make venue/club suggestions. Browsing is super simple, and the blurbs about each spot—breaking down the typical clientele, the sounds you’ll hear and a small bit about the venue’s history—is a nice touch. The rub comes from the pay subscription service (9 euros/month or 54 euros a year), but they will offer an ad-supported alternative. Whether or not people will pay to listen to live music in their living room remains to be seen, but I’m at least intrigued at the concept. awdio.co.uk

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