Cocaine is big business. 35.3 million Americans aged 12 and older have admitted to trying the drug at least once. The number of regular users is crazy high too. It’s safe to say that there’s a lot of cash blowing around the streets—especially in Hollywood. People barely even try to hide that shit in the clubs. The taboo is pretty much gone. Not completely though…at least no yet. All we need is a nice little gateway, something to breakdown those barriers and ease the kiddies into things. Not many people just jump in the water all willy-nilly.


That’s what makes “I Love Blow” so perfect. It’s like candy cigarettes for today’s more adventurous set. If just a small fraction of wide-eyed youngsters get intrigued by this misleading energy drink the future is going to be one big party. We’ve already got 16 year old girls shaving themselves bald so they can emulate porn stars—not to mention watching their favorite heiress sucking cock on video. Imagine what a dusting of blow would bring to the equation. We’re talking party. Sign me up.

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