Berlin’s Modeselektor and Ellen Allien are going on tour this summer, and if you like shaking your butt to soundwaves emanating from giant speakers, then you should mos def check them out. Modeselektor are among the best producers out there, making music so bass-filled and dark that you’d have to be a quadriplegic to not wanna dance.

FYI, although this is “dance” music, it’s also one of Thom Yorke’s favorite bands — so much so that he even sang on the first single (“Goodspeed/The White Heat”) off their latest album, Hello Mom, and asked them to be the support act for Radiohead’s only German concert. It’s also the first time since the foundation of Allien’s BPitch Control label (back in the 1997) that their artists will hit the road together for an extensive world tour.

As BPM said of their Coachella appearance, and which we could not agree more:

Modeselektor brought more bass than is legally sanctioned in the state of California. The most we danced for any hour of the weekend. They pulled the incredibly difficult hat trick of jumping from genre to genre while still keeping an anchored stylistic thread. Pure Modeselektor: Sweaty, dirty, amazing.”

Check out ther remix of Apparat’s “Hold On” if you haven’t heard Modeselektor before. But keep in mind no tiny laptop speakers will do it justice — run it through some real speakers or you’re missing the point. (And this isn’t one of those remixes where they basically take the whole song and add some cowbell — they just took a tiny snippet of vocal, dropped it like 80 octaves, and built a sinister ass track.) Enjoy!:

Tour Dates after the Jump


03.09. USA – Chicago / Sonotheque
04.09. USA – NYC / Studio B
05.09. USA – San Francisco / Mighty
06.09. USA – LA / Avalon

14.09. GER – Berlin / Panoramabar (12:00 NOON – Ellen Allien)

19.09. ESP – Barcelona/ Nitsa
20.09. F – Paris / Technoparade day & night

And THIS would be the date to check out…if only the Madman lived in London… *sigh*

27.09. GB – London / Fabric

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