Childbearing is a beautiful thing…at least until the baby rears its bloody head and they have to either carve it from your belly or massacre your vag by making it pass a bowling ball. The nine warm months of pregnancy (we hope) are a time that few forget due to the anticipation of offspring. For people that don’t think the child itself is a great enough memento, Original Belly Works have a solution. I can imagine the suckers who decide to purchase this ridiculous package conversing on the way from Lamaze:

Hey Honey”

“Yes dear?”

“I was thinking — I want a special way to remember these excruciating 9 months of feeding you pickles and ice cream. Would you be opposed to me paper macheing you from tits to crotch?”

“That’s a great idea! Then we can decorate it to match the nursery and remind junior exactly where he came from!”

“Yeah, we’ll avoid the stork conversation all together.”

Who the fuck thinks this a good idea? And these themes?

“Yes Ralphie it’s true, your mom stuffed her face stupid with Crunch N’ Munch. Enjoy the ADD!”

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I’ve always said that motherhood and deerhunting were synonymous.

Not really sure what they were going for here with these jellybeans and gumballs, Sweet tooth maybe…..

Obviously the most appropriate of the casts, still “udderly” absurd.

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