7 May
The Young Mexican-American from Texas Is Back


LIAS is happy to see that Yppah (pronounced “Yippah” who goes by Joe Corrales, Jr., to some) is back with his sophomore album. They Know What Ghost Know will be digitally released on 5/12 with the physical release on 6/23. Yppah gets a bit rockier this time around. Could have something to do with the fact that he spent his early teen years playing guitar and bass in rock bands, then later as a scratch DJ who mixed hip-hop and house in clubs sets.

Until the album drops, his “Gumball Weekend Machine” EP came out on 13 April. Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it. It’s quite nice. Really like “The Drag” too. Enjoy…

And for all you producers out there, there’s a few days left with his remix contest. As part of the single release, Yppah put out the individual parts of his tune so you can flex your remix skills.  The winning remix will be selected on the album release date and will potentially get a spot on the next Yppah single via Ninja Tune.

“The Drag”

Gumball Machine Weekend

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