2 Sep
Monumentalizing their 20th anniversary


Warp is easily one of my most favorite record labels of all time. I don’t necessarily fawn over each new release but the label’s MO is without doubt of the highest order. To monumentalize their 20th anniversary, they’ve put together a super special (I’ll call it incredible), deluxe box set simply titled Warp20. The collection comes beautifully packaged in a 10 inch square slipcase wrapped in charcoal Buckram embossed paper with tipped-on gloss-laminated cover photograph, designed by YES, photographed by Dan Holdsworth. The box set includes new songs, older previously unreleased material, personal favorites of the label’s co-founder Steve Beckett, and, best of all, the top ten pieces voted for by Warp fans on Warp20.net. What I really like about this set is that it also includes a 192 page full-color perfect-bound book, which includes artwork from over 400 sleeves (It’s basically a catalog of artwork of every Warp release from its inception in 1989 to August 2009) featuring work by the Designers Republic, Julian House (Ghost Box Music), Build, Universal Everything and Kim Hiorthøy amongst others. Just in case you weren’t sure about the label’s rich design history. There’s also an exclusive hour-long mix and a locked-groove vinyl set. Hit up Bleep right now if you’re interested…they’re been taking pre-orders for delivery on September 25th for a minute now. So basically, if you don’t act now, you’ll probably be SOL—unless you don’t mind paying EBay prices. There will only be one pressing of this box set and the amount they print will be based largely on pre-orders. I just barely touched the surface on all the things this release includes.


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