24 Nov
The human mind can be easily manipulated—pry your eyes open


We here at Lost In A Supermarket don’t like to think of ourselves as a website. Or a blog. Or a fanzine, magazine, tabloid or journal. We are a collective of artists, writers, designers, businessmen, filmmakers, etc…a band of brothers with a common creed. We like to think of LIAS as an open-minded circle. If we didn’t have an open mind, you might be able to consider us a cult—with a lot of personality, of course. Sure, we are a “click” in the truest sense of the word and we are attempting to pry your eyes open. And we do love bomb you each and every day with our posts (like this one here), but we could care less if we infiltrate your lives. We’re not the government. We don’t trust the government. Most of those fools are probably aliens, if you want my opinion. We keep our minds open…that’s our ideology.

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