4 Mar
This time Bertone shows what they can do with Alfa's curves

We already saw what Alfa Romeo could do with one premier Italian design house, so why not give some shine to their collaboration with another legendary Italian design house — this time Bertone. While Pininfarina’s 2uettottanta Concept has the curvaceous elegance of a 50s pinup, this Pandion Concept is an angular, futuristic, razorblade-fitted assassin. Its reverse-hinged scissor doors look like extended wings from a massive bird of prey, so large that they even include part of the front fender. And the rear end looks like the gaping maw of some dagger-toothed Neville Page creation. Of course the fact that Bertone delivered such a chimerical and advanced concept shouldn’t be a total shock given the history of the design house, which includes the Lamborghini Countach that also debuted at the Geneva Motor Show oh so many years ago.

Another full gallery of pics — including original renderings — after the Jump…

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  1. Kevin H. says:

    Sweet design. Like your driving a storm trooper head. Those seats are mental. Love the thinness. So light. Mmmmm

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