21 Oct
Relive all your favorite scenes from Unbearable Lightness of Being

You ever read The Unbearable Lightness of Being? Man I love that book. Milan Kundera has a way of grappling with male/female relationships unlike any living author. Wish I could ask for his sagely wisdom every now and then, but somehow I think I’d end up a lonely alcoholic typing away in some Parisian cellar, chainsmoking and drinking copious Slivovice while contemplating all my life’s failures. But that’s another story. I’d probably also spend some time looking for my own private Sabina, whom I’d make wear this Bowler Hat while we made sweet gentle love in her artists loft. Lucky for me Pendleton and Opening Ceremony know what’s up, and they got together with a quality milliner to make this 100% wool felt Bowler Hat with ribbon trim. London’s Goodhood store has just released it, finally allowing me to acquire this vital piece of headgear missing from my closet. Pick up your own for $125 (£80).

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