I know the easy post of this would be to talk about boobs and Pamela Anderson, but the truth of the matter is that Playboy‘s photography — especially till the 1970s — truly was a thing of beauty. With these interwebs overrun by niche porn that would make Dirk Diggler dry heave, no one’s going to Playboy anymore for strictly erotic stimulation — what’s a corn fed beauty from Nebraska going to do for a guy into midget-moresome-bestiality porn? Nothing. Which means you can enjoy Playboy‘s archive for what they’re supposed to be enjoyed for — compelling writing (especially until the 80s) and beautiful women beautifully photographed. Simple and to the point. This special edition 250GB hard drive from Bondi Digital features a digital version of every issue ever published by Playboy from 1953 till the present day, all wrapped up in a black metal box embossed with the iconic bunny. Considering its 5 decades of beauty for only $300 (£190), seems like a pretty good deal.

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