24 Feb
More power, more torque, less weight

Ferrari custom tuners Novitec Rosso will unveil their kit for the gorgeous 458 Italia at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2011. The tuned Italia will boast 609 hp with a top speed of more than 205 mphs thanks mostly to a re-engineered three-tailpipe exhaust system. The 39 boost in horsepower comes via an Inconel (the material used in Formula 1 racing) crafted exhaust which optimizes power, yields a juicier exhaust note (adjustable via the Manettino button on the steering wheel), and also sheds 21 kilograms of weight. The engine conversion also includes newly programmed engine electronics with newly calibrated mapping for ignition and injection, which not only adds horsepower but grows torque from 540 Nm to 569 Nm. A carbon fiber aerodynamic-enhancement kit, wind tunnel-developed at the University of Stuttgart, improves aerodynamics with a re-designed front and rear spoiler and diffuser. On the convenience level, a modified suspension with front lift system — similar to what the Lamborghinis come with standard — adds 40 millimeters of lift at the push of a button to negotiate pesky inclines and bumps. Rounding out the aesthetics of Novitec Rosso’s 458 Italia kit are custom-tailored 22″ and 21″ wheels and exclusive interior options. No word yet on price, but the kit does manage to make an already stunning vehicle even more unforgettable.

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