5 May
A classic Swiss watch re-created to restore an aviation legend

Breitling puts its money where its aviation heritage mouth is by recently vowing to restore the legendary “Super Constellation” aircraft, one of the last three “Super Connies” left in the world. To pay for the restoration, the esteemed Swiss watchmaker announced it will release a limited edition model of its classic Navitimer Aviation Chronograph watch — limited to only 1,049 watches in tribute to the Lockheed L-1049. A silhouette of the famous plane is inscribed on the back along with several technical specs, opposite of its AR-coated sapphire crystal case. The face of the Super Constellation features a 50’s era logo, a simple golden B, with the words “Super Constellation” written below. The self-winding watch is built around a Swiss automatic Breitling caliber 23 movement and comes with 4 different strap options: Barenia or crocodile leather and the Navitimer or Air Racer bracelets. Price still TBD.

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