11 May
Italian designer Paola Mirai's Cirkuita collection

Italian designer Paola Mirai is doing her best to re-purpose all that tech garbage piling up in her nearby landfill. Cirkuita is a jewelry collection she’s created by taking old gadgets and adding them into her new transparent and light material called orotransparante, upcycling discarded motherboards, chips and obsolete circuitry into rings and bracelets. As each piece is unique and handmade, she’s managed to turn one man’s trash into another one’s treasure. Prices range from $100-470 (€65-€326).

One Response to “Circuitboard Jewelry & Motherboard Rings”

  1. maryann Lauersdorf says:

    Looking for a ring Miss USA from 1977- 1979, I been looking for the ring to replace that was taken from me.

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