1 Jul
When having the most powerful production car ever isn't enough

Sadly, the last of the groundbreaking Bugatti Veyrons has just been sold this week, ending the very exclusive 300 production run of a vehicle that represents one of the greatest engineering feats in modern automotive history. As a final exclamation point on the truly landmark vehicle, Bugatti has teamed up with Berlin’s Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (Royal Porcelain Manufacturer) to create the “L’Or Blac”, or “White Gold” — the first car ever to incorporate fine porcelain into its body and cabin. Although fully functional, the one-off Grand Sport (the topless version of the Veyron) is considered an artistic piece, and has the pricetag to match: it’ll cost you $2.4 million (€1.65 million) to drive the world’s fastest piece of chinaware. Just don’t bump the curb while parking, I can’t imagine what it would cost to replace a porcelain quarter panel.

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  1. Hypersky says:

    White gold would be L’Or Blanc, not Blac. You’re missing the “n”.

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