What do you get when you mix Charlie Sheen + Dirt Nasty + Brother Marquis from 2 Live Crew? Why, Chain Swangaz of course. The musical project made up of rapper Dirt Nasty — he of “1980” fame — and Grammy award winning producer Jack Splash release their first video, and it is exactly what you’d expect from the lecherous, deviant minds involved. I’d say it’s NSFW, but that should be pretty obvious so I won’t bother. “Steak & Mash Potatoes” is the first of a 5-part video series leading up to their debut EP which drops as a free download September 8th via their site.

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  1. Robby says:

    I fucking LOVE this song and this video… It just makes me dance! Reminds me of that old school Beastie Boys type-party music! Words are kinda out ther but who really wants a gold-digger. Walk you broke ass to “Jacques in the Box” bitch! LOLOL

  2. NastyNSassy says:

    Ive been hearing about Chain Swangaz for about a week now and I just got to see the vid. Their friggin awesome! Some nasty ass lyrics too. Lovin it!

  3. Fuckit! says:

    WTF! These fellas are on the good ish. Charlie is Winning as usual!

  4. JimSane says:

    This video blew my mind! First, i didnt kno simon rex was still around! Then he gets Jack Splash to start making music with him and gets Brother Marquis to be in the video?? i only got to words for that: IM DOWN!

  5. Like em Nasty says:

    Dirt Nasty can give me the cream filled skin roll anytime!

  6. Meli says:

    I had to repeat the video just to hear exactly EVERYTHING they were saying! This sh*t is crazy and effin hilarious! My friend has plenty of gold diggers around him and i just HAD to play this song for him! Happy Meal Bitch! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  7. bob says:

    who produced this song? i gotta link up with this guy

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