26 Aug
Vintage Fastback looks with modern 780 horsepower guts

Oklahoma-based coachbuilder Classic Recreations has been building modern high performance cars with vintage shells for over 10 years now, perfecting their craft to the point where their cars are competing in motorsport events with contemporary vehicles. Their latest and greatest for 2011 is the G.T.500CR Venom, a 780 horsepower high performance workhorse based on the much coveted 1967 Mustang Shelby Fastback. The G.T.500CR Venom is powered by a 7 liter fuel injected, supercharged, hand-built V8 engine linked to a Tremec overdrive transmission, with other modern tech like coil-over suspension with rack-and-pinion steering and modern vented disc brakes. The custom handcrafted interior features Carroll Shelby signature seats, custom gauges, brushed aluminum trim and five-point harnesses. Each of the built-to-order G.T.500CRs takes approximately four months (nearly 2,500 man hours) of assembly to create, the final product boasting a vintage car cool with supercar guts. They are truly beauties. “Although the overall look is vintage Shelby, essentially this is modern sports car technology wrapped in vintage Shelby GT500 sheet metal,” explains Classic Recreations founder Jason Engel. Price available on request.

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