10 Oct
FIAT's diminutive Italian imp gets 300 horsepower boost

The FIAT 500 is presently the best designed ultra compact car on the market, and it’s finally available in America. But the version we’re getting imported has just a measly 101 hps, with an Abarth 133 hp tuned version coming in early 2012. But besting that output by a significant amount is Italian tuner Romeo Ferraris’ Abarth Cinquone Stradale which tweaks the 500’s 1.4 litre turbocharged engine to generate an eyebrow-raising 300 horses. The car also gets a steroid body kit, new lightweight wheels, racing bucket seats with four-point harnesses, roof spoiler, rear diffuser and a racing-spec roll cage just in case you push your Abarth Cinquone Stradale a little too hard on the track. No word yet on price or availability yet, but surely a Cinquecento you’ll want to keep your eyes on…

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