I think four hundred years from now, when we’re zipping around on jetpacks and making sweet tender love to our personal Marilyn Monroe clones (with bi-polar disorder removed, naturally), we’ll still be listening to new Wu Tang-based mixtapes being freshly released. You just can’t go wrong with the formula: take some rare Wu accapellas (there’s only about a billion given the mighty crew’s prolificity), lace them over some great tunes (either classic or new), and watch the download meter spin. A formula well carried out by Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers (matched with The Beatles), Wugazi: 13 Chambers mixtape (with Fugazi) and the original Shaolin Jazz project (classic jazz). The latest mix comes courtesy of those same Shaolin Jazz folks (aka Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones) — The Gil Scott Suite is a three-track EP that expertly blends the music of the late Gil Scott Heron with the Wu Tang Clan, and the results are appropriately minty. Steam one of the tracks below, and bounce over here to download the whole EP for free.

Gil’s Pinky Ring (pt.1) by DJ 2-Tone Jones

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