8 Dec
Discover the irrefutable logic behind Pirelli's no-tires-but-plenty-of-boob strategy

Yesterday morning we brought you the Pirelli Calendar 2012 photographed by Mario Sorrenti, and today comes the video showing the Making Of process behind the endeavor. Included are interviews with Sorrenti who explains why he chose Corsica, as well as interviews with all the models. It’s worth watching alone to hear Milla Jovovich’s awkward explanation of how Pirelli tires, because they’re “tough” & “modern”, are using models who are also tough and modern. And hence the logic of a tire company making a calender that does not show a single tire, but instead plenty of boobs. Ahhhh, sure. I’ll buy that explanation. Also, listen to Lara Stone speak. It sounds as if she had Down’s Syndrome. And I don’t really mean to insult anyone with Down’s Syndrome, because she sounds worse….

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