How many three Excedrin mornings have you pulled yourself from a Don Julio-induced coma, heroically dragged yourself to a thankless job, only to fool no one that you’ve got “allergies” and instead unwittingly reinforced everyone’s fears that you may indeed have a Bukowski-level drinking issue. The best you can do is channel your inner Costanza and build a Lean-to under your desk fashioned from a used mop and coffee-stained magazines. But no, that’s not the best you can do. The best you can do is convince Ginger the Office Manager to invest in a Sleepbox. An ultra modern twist on the ordinary lounge chair, the Sleepbox is “designed for the demands of an increasingly urbanized environment.” (HI-MACS) Intended to provide a private space in public space, the Sleepbox is an innovation in contemporary furniture and design. Made from a proprietary HI-MACS material that is ecologically friendly and allows for seamless construction, the Sleepbox’s interior features a leather cushion area perfect for solitary activities. Like napping. Designed by Caspar Lohner at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design, the Sleepbox is not for anyone suffering from claustrophobia… but it sure will get Ginger off your back.

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