25 Mar
Celebrating a decade of Crosstown Rebel techno luster

Ten years of a record label whose graph of greatness increases exponentially, Crosstown Rebels anhydrates 2012 with a King Tut level of sarcophogus to celebrate one of its most prolific and outstanding years with a just released CD, Rebel Rave 3 (pick it up on beatport). Mixed by in-house producer Subb-An, named by DJ Magazine as the ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ of 2011, the compilation includes some of the most accomplished artists from the label like Maceo PlexArt DepartmentInfinity Ink, Matthew Jonson, Jamie Jones, and Laura Jones.

Currently wrapping up a global tour that took them to eighteen countries 0n five different continents, the Crosstown Rebels are currently waking up from a massive hangover undoubtedly accrued from their Get Lost Miami Party which took place this past Saturday night. Seeing as they moved it from the Electric Pickle to the Ice Palace West to accommodate more people, all accounts speculate to much rebel-drenched debauchery. What follows is our interview with Subb-An, a lover of Jackie Wilson and Brian Cox — c’mon, he’s basically a Throbbing Gristle song. Check out the Crosstown Rebel DAY ZERO mixtape and the interview below…

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m...
Subb-an from One Records

You can find me
In an airport or somewhere around the world most of the time, however I’m based out of Berlin but currently staying in New York for the month. Very rarely in the same place for more than three of four days.

You might’ve heard of me because
Me and Seth Troxler wear the same shirts to gigs.

But why you really should know me is
Because I’m just a pretty genuine guy who likes to have a bit of banter.

My next order of business is
My EP for Visionquest and my album for Crosstown Rebels.

If it wasn’t for Family I wouldn’t be where I am today
They have always supported me which has been very important into how I’ve come to this point.

The first piece of music I heard that I remember waking up my ears was
Jackie Wilson – “Your Love” (Higher and Higher) from the Ghostbusters film. I was so young when I heard this, Ghostbusters was one of my favorite films as a kid and when the film finished with this track I loved it…

Peep the DAY ZERO mixtape below and hit the Jump to read the rest of our interview with Subb-Ann…

The last piece of music I heard that woke up my ears is was
The new Atoms for Peace album, pure gold !

I hate to admit it, but I almost gave music up when…
I started listening to Nicolas Jaar, dam that guy is seriously talented. However it was very inspirational and only helped in the end.

But it all came together when
I started to have more confidence in my own style and what I was making. I think its important as an artist to really not get caught up in trends, how something should sound, whether people will like it, which at points would come to mind when I was making music in the early stages. When I started to just make music for myself that’s when it came together and the release that really did it for me was the lovers night for Spectral Sound.

If I was taking a train from Paris to Madrid, the one person I’d want to share the cabin with would be…
Brain Cox. The guy is a genius. I would love to just ask never ending questions on physics. If you have not seen Wonders Of The Solar Systems on the BBC its a must watch.

If you want to put a smile on my face…
The last time I saw the sun come up I was in my hotel room in New York with an amazing view of lower Manhattan.

The person I admire most is
Will Smith. I never grew up with my father and Will seems to have his house in check, seems like a genuine family guy and done success the right way.

The last time I lied was because
I was probably wrong…

If you hit shuffle on my iPod
You might be shocked to find some reggae jams. Growing up it was always on in the house as my mum was a big fan, so I’ve got some of the music I remember listening to when I was younger.

When I get my first really big check, I’m gonna go score…
A Roland Jupiter 8

My one magic power is
Persuasion, not every time it works but I am pretty good, mostly at getting people into some sort of trouble.

I’d like to give a quick shout-out to
Adam Shelton my boy and One Records partner, waiting for his arrival to New-York so we can start working on music!

And lastly, If I was Lost In a Supermarket, you’d find me in
The fruit section, I can be a health freak, pretty boring I know but it can’t all be gigs and partying.

Subb-an – ‘Rain’ EP w/ Tom Trago, Footprintz & Seth Troxler is now out on Visionquest

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