24 Apr
The erstwhile King of skate gear continues 2 decades strong

Your feelings on Zoo York probably depend upon when you picked up your first skateboard. If it’s in the last 10 years, then Zoo York probably hovers somewhere around the brands you find in any given Pac-Sun retailer. But if you were skating in the 90s, there were few — if any — brands that rivaled ZY in their streetborn aesthetics. Their grey Zoo York embroidered sweatshirt was just about the most coveted piece of streetwear in the mid-90s, before anyone knew what the hell “streetwear” even meant. Since they’ve been bought by Mark Ecko and the brand has lost its urban shine, once even (tragically) featuring an ad with Ashton Kutcher (ouch). But at least they’re still going strong — something many others can’t claim — and to celebrate they’re dropping a collection of 6 decks with matching tshirts, all centered around their original hometown of New York. Find the collection at select retailers.

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