6 May
French artist calls out Supreme for its outright hypocrisy

French street artist Kidult has pulled some pranks that we dig, and some others that just seem like publicity stunts. Not sure where this last act of subversion sits, but at least it’s appropriate. It was announced last week that New York streetwear kings Supreme are suing fellow New York label Married to the Mob for copyright infringement, based on MTTM’s “Supreme Bitch” shirt that utilizes Supreme’s red box logo. That would all be peachy, of course, if it wasn’t for the fact that Supreme itself has made its career pulling similar stunts biting better known luxury labels’ logos. What’s worse of all is that Supreme’s actual signature logo — the very same logo they’re suing MTTM for emulating — they themselves lifted from American artist Barbara Kruger. Now that takes some serious balls. I guess what’s cool for Supreme to do to other entities they don’t want done to themselves, which seems the apex of hypocrisy (also kind of pussy, if you ask us). Calling them out on this farce is Kidult, who designed the “Suepreme” shirt above and is giving the shirt free away on his site, although we couldn’t find exactly where to find it. Smart move to give it away free, or otherwise Supreme might come knocking on Kidult’s Paris flat sometime in the very near future…

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