21 Feb
Carbon fiber & titanium motorcycle from the designer of Tron

The one-time great British automaker Lotus is spreading its automotive wings into the realm of motorcycles, unveiling images of their upcoming C-01 hyper bike. Lotus Motorcycles creation — designed by the guy responsible for the bikes in Tron: Legacy, Daniel Simon — will be limited to only 100 units, and is defined by its gorgeous carbon fiber body panels. Powered by four-stroke twin-cylinder 1,195cc engine, the C-01 boasts a prodigious 200 horsepower — that’s more than Ducati’s world class Panigale S. Built with additional, aerospace steel and titanium, the Lotus C-01 motorcycle comes in both of Lotus’ famed racing liveries: the black and gold from their John Player Special days, and the royal green of Britain. No word yet on price or performance stats, but expect the C-01 to leave a trail of flaming rubber behind it.

More looks at the Lotus C-01 Motorcycle after the Jump…

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