21 Mar
Almost as good as a beach packed with bikinis & pina coladas

If by chance you were unlucky enough to be the 99.99999999% of the world that missed Art Department’s set at this New Year’s BPM Festival in sun-drenched Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, we’ve got good news. No, it’s not a time machine that will take you back to a turquoise beach peppered with bikinis and pina coladas unfortunately — but it’s almost sorta like the second best thing: the entire set, loaded up on Soundcloud by the fine folks at Social Experiment. As only Art Department can do, the crew mix up a lovely cocktail of dark house, techno and even some hip-hop elements to keep things bouncing. Enjoy the mix below, and DOWNLOAD if you wish.

Stream the entire set of Art Department Live @ The BPM Festival below…

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